Violin lessons

For students in pursuit of a professional career

Evgenia’s teaching is specifically designed for serious students of the violin, who are actively pursuing a career as a professional soloist, ensemble or orchestra violinist.  For more information about violin lessons, please contact ‎Professor Epshstein directly at

Understanding the music is only part of becoming a musician

Each one hour private lesson will focus on different aspects of becoming a complete, professional violinist.  In addition to method and mechanics, lessons include body work and exercise. 

Everyone is unique.  There is no set program. 

Each student receives maximum individual effort, not just according to their musical proficiency, but their body and mental background.

Teaching Philosophy

“My focus is helping violinists who are actively pursuing a professional career to  learn more than the music—to think and feel and learn to use their body as well as their hands and mind to be able to develop, reach and sustain their own individual sound.

Much of my work is based on the research of a great genius from Leningrad – W. Mazel. He taught me the importance of listening to my body and its sound; how to recognize physical problems, like stiff muscles, by sound – without looking at the student.  Learning how to play is more than learning the music.

The role of biomechanics, knowledge of anatomy and psychological blocks in muscles are fundamental to being able to develop an Individual, and emotional approach to  repertoire and understanding that each of us is unique and requires a different tempo of working.

I want to thank all of my teachers for their wisdom and experience V.Milshtein, A.Ziserman, I.Svetlovsa, B.Shamir; to the “Aviv” quartet and special thanks to my students – with whom I grow and learn about myself“

— Evgenia Epshtein, violinist

For more information about violin lessons

please send an e-mail and contact ‎directly Professor Epshstein.